Le 01/01/2018 la commune de Gennes-Val-de-Loire regroupe les communes de Gennes, Chenehuttes-Trèves-Cunault, Le Thoureil, Grezillé, Saint Georges des 7 voies, Les Rosiers sur Loire et Saint Martin de la Place.

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Ollivier Island

A beauty spot to discover, a natural setting we must protect.

Wandering, by foot or by bike, you can discover the river Loire, its landscape, its town, as Gennes with its church tower Saint-Eusèbe.

It’s a place where you can play and relax with a beautiful game in “floated wood”. Some tables invit you to stay and have picnic (but you have better to forsee your equipment).

It’s also a stopping place for bikers and walkers who, from Saumur, St Martin-de-la-Place and St Clément des Levées, can reach Les Rosiers. A place with toilets and two water points.

The structure of the former camping offers a shelter to groups of people and of school study trip.

Doors are automatically opened and closed, every day, from 10 am to 8 pm.